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Experience University Research (EUR) online courses allow students from around the world to take college-level coursework at a Top 10 public university. All classes will consist of mostly synchronous Zoom sessions in which students can listen to lectures and participate in discussions and group projects. Assignments and recordings will also be posted for students to view at any time. Between classes, students will complete assignments and participate in break-out sessions to collaborate remotely with classmates, building practical skills, gaining invaluable experience, and becoming better prepared to attend a competitive university or start a career.


Experience University Research (EUR)科研线上课程欢迎世界各地的学生到来体验美国公立大学排名前十的课程。全部EUR课程将通过Zoom实时直播授课,并且参与讨论和分组科研项目。每次课程后,教授将会把布置作业和发布课程录像,让学生可以随时查看。贯穿课程期间,学生需要完成教授布置的作业,与来自不同地区的同学进行远程合作,共同参与分组会议,培养实用技能,并且获得相关宝贵经验,为进入竞争激烈的大学或职业生涯做好准备。


Schedule subject to change at University’s discretion.



All courses taught in English.



Minimum iBT TOEFL score of 60 recommended for non-native English speakers.

建议学生至少达到托福iBT 60分的英语水平(不需要提交成绩证明)。


Course content and schedules are subject to change. Please check http://ip.ce.uci/edu/EUR for the latest updates.





Winter 2022 Program Packages





Law 法律




Designed for international university students and recent graduates who are considering a career in Law, this program consists of following courses:




Intellectual Property Law (1 unit) – This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the major branches of intellectual property law including, trademark and brand protection, copyright law, alternative theories of moral rights, patent law, and right of publicity law. Students will review benchmark cases, engage in class discussions, and give presentations on ever more relevant topics in intellectual property law.


知识产权法,讲师:John Tehranian, J.D.



Intro to U.S. Law (1 unit) – This course is designed to provide international students with context and a strong foundation of the U.S. legal system in order to study specific areas of law more deeply. It consists of a curated series of lectures and Socratic dialogues to introduce students to the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system and rules of ethics


美国法律导论,讲师: Kenneth Stahl, J.D.



Speaking & Listening for Oral Arguments (1 unit) – This course is designed to enable international students to engage with and present on legal texts and real court cases. Students will learn to develop and express ideas effectively for a variety of purposes, audiences, and occasions. Students will also study and apply various rhetorical strategies used in legal arguments. By the end of the course, students will be expected to evaluate and use various types of evidence, engage with others’ ideas, and properly cite sources.


口头辩论口语及听力,讲师: Karen Vallejo, M.A.



Additional Components课程附加内容:


ü Conversation Partners/Peer Mentors对话伙伴/同伴指导

ü UCI School of Law Presentation      UCI法学院介绍

ü UCI Info Session加州欧文信息分享会

ü Networking Mixer/Student Panels  国际学生联谊会



Requirement & Time 录取要求和时间安排


ü Recommended for: current international undergraduates and recent college graduates interested in law in the U.S.


ü Prerequisites: Must have successfully completed at least one year of an undergraduate program in law or related major


ü Schedule: M-F, 9:00-12:00pm (China Standard Time)


ü Total Units: 3


ü Tuition$1,250





International Finance国际金融


Description: Designed for students eager to succeed in the expanding international economy, this program consists of following courses:




International Finance (2 units) –This class begins with the history and structure of the international monetary system. Topics build on this foundation with a focus on the forces that drive exchange rates as well as international trade and investment; international financial risks and the protection that can be achieved through the use of financial derivatives. The course also emphasizes some of the most important financial techniques used by multinational firms to manage their international financial operations.



国际金融:讲师:Jason Gurtovoy, Ph.D.




Requirement & Time 录取要求和时间安排


ü Recommended for: Undergraduates majoring in business, economics, or related fields


ü Prerequisites申请要求: None


ü Schedule: M-F, 9:00-12:00pm (China Standard Time)

ü 课程时间: 北京时间,星期一-星期五,上午9:00-12:00

ü Total Units: 2


ü Tuition$775




Machine Learning & AI 机器学习&人工智能


Description: Designed for students with a strong foundation in programming who wish to explore applications of AI, this program consists of following courses:




Intro to Machine Learning and AI (2 units) – This course introduces concepts and topics essential to AI and Machine Learning. Topics covered include predictive analytics algorithms, artificial neural networks, data analysis, and data mining. Students will explore design, architecture, and applications of networks for practical applications. Students will also learn how artificial neural networks, such as multilayered perception, are implemented using Python.


机器人学习和人工智能导论,讲师: Rashed Iqbal, Ph.D.



Requirement & Time 录取要求和时间安排


ü Recommended for: undergraduates majoring in computer science or related fields


ü Prerequisites: I&C SCI X426.59 Intermediate Python or equivalent experience 

ü 录取要求:具有I&C SCI X426.59中级Python或相关经验

ü Schedule: M-F, 9:00-12:00pm (China Standard Time)

ü 时间安排:北京时间,星期一-星期五,上午9:00-12:00

ü Total Units: 3

ü Tuition$1,250






Instructor Biographies讲师介绍


Majed Al-Ghandour, PhD

Dr. Majed Al-Ghandour has a PhD in Engineering from NC State University and teaches for UCI- Division of Continuing Education (DCE), NCSU, and Wake Technical Community College for over 24 years. Majed teaches several courses at UCI, Continuing Education including Introduction to Data Science, Data Engineering, and Introduction to Machine Learning, and Docker Fundamentals with AWS. Majed also teaches Data Analytics for MBA Graduates as a Visiting Lecturer for NCSU. He has extensive experience in data analytics, machine learning, and cloud computing.


Majed Al-Ghandour博士拥有北卡罗来纳州立大学工程博士学位,在UCI继续教育学院(DCE)NCSUWake技术社区学院任教超过24年。MajedUCI继续教育学院教授几门课程,包括数据科学导论、数据工程和机器学习导论,以及使用AWSDocker基础。Majed还担任NCSU客座讲师,为MBA研究生教授数据分析。他在数据分析、机器学习和云计算方面有着丰富的经验。



Jason Gurtovoy, Ph.D.

Jason Gurtovoy, Ph.D. is a Senior Economist and Data Scientist at REPSAS. He has worked in the

Financial Services industry for over a decade in banking, investments, real estate, and as a

consultant. He has 10+ years of experience teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in

finance, economics, and data science. He has taught at UCI since 2017.


Jason Gurtovoy博士是REPSAS的高级经济学家和数据科学家。他曾在金融服务行业工作超过十年,从事银行、投资、房地产和顾问工作。他拥有10年以上的金融、经济学和数据科学研究生和本科课程教学经验。自2017年以来,他一直在UCI任教。



Rashed Iqbal, PhD

Rashed Iqbal is a Program Manager, Data Solutions at Teledyne Technologies in California. He has two areas of interest and expertise: Data Science and Machine Learning, and Transitioning Traditional Organization to Agile and Lean Methods. He practices, consults, and teaches in these domains.  He is part-time Adjunct Professor in Economics Department at UCLA where he teaches graduate courses in Data Science, and also teaches at UCLA Extension and at UCI Continuing Education. His current area of research is Narrative Economics that studies impact of the popular narratives and stories on economic fluctuations and has a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering with focus on Stochastic and Predictive Systems and holds current CSM, CSP, PMI-ACP, and PMP certifications. He is also a Senior Member of the IEEE.


Rashed Iqbal是加州Teledyne Technologies公司数据解决方案部门的项目经理。他感兴趣的领域和专长:数据科学和机器学习,以及将传统组织方式转变为敏捷和精益方法。他在这些领域进行实践、咨询和教学。他是加州大学洛杉矶分校经济系的兼职教授,教授数据科学研究生课程,同时也在加州大学洛杉矶分校继续教育学院和加州大学欧文分校继续教育学院任教。他目前的研究领域是叙事经济学,研究流行叙事和故事对经济波动的影响。他拥有系统工程博士学位-随机和预测系统,目前持有CSMCSPPMI-ACPPMP证书。他也是IEEE的高级成员。



Kenneth Stahl, JD

Kenneth Stahl is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Yale Law School. He is currently  Professor of Law and the director of the Environmental, Land Use, and Real Estate Law certificate program at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. His research combines doctrinal analysis with insights from disciplines including urban sociology, geography, economics, and the humanities. Professor Stahl’s works have appeared in journals including The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, and Cardozo Law Review, among others. Previously, he worked as a Trial Attorney for the United States Department of Justice, Office of Constitutional Torts, and as an Associate at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Arnold & Porter. 


Kenneth Stahl毕业于密歇根大学和耶鲁大学法学院。他目前是查普曼大学福勒法学院的法学教授和环境、土地使用和房地产法律证书课程 主任。他的研究将理论分析与城市社会学、地理学、经济学和人文学科的见解相结合。Stahl教授的著作发表在《宾夕法尼亚大学法律评论》、《哈佛公民权利-公民自由法律评论》和《卡多佐法律评论》等期刊上。此前,他曾在美国司法部、宪法侵权办公室担任审判律师,并在华盛顿特区的阿诺德-波特律师事务所担任助理律师。



John Tehranian, JD

John Tehranian is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School and founding partner of One LLP. In his practice, he has litigated numerous high-profile lawsuits, including copyright, trademark and right of publicity disputes involving Madonna, Don Henley, B.B. King, Bettie Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Perez Hilton, among others. Variety’s 2013 Legal Impact Report recognized John as one of the world’s top 50 entertainment lawyers, and he is a frequent commentator for the broadcast and print media, he has appeared on such television programs as ABC’s Nightline and has been quoted as an expert on legal issues in such publications as The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Christian Science Monitor. John is also the Irwin R. Buchalter Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School and the Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute in Los Angeles, California.


John Tehranian毕业于哈佛大学和耶鲁大学法学院,是One LLP的创始合伙人。在他的执业生涯中,他曾为众多知名人士提起过诉讼,包括麦当娜、唐·亨利、B.B.King、贝蒂·佩奇、吉米·亨德里克斯、佩雷斯·希尔顿等人的版权、商标和宣传权纠纷。Variety杂志2013年的《法律影响报告》(Legal Impact Report)评定约翰为世界上最优秀的50名娱乐行业 律师之一,他经常在广播和平面媒体上发表评论,他曾出现在美国广播公司(ABC)的晚间新闻(Nightline)等电视节目中,并被《纽约时报》、《哈泼斯杂志》、《金融时报》、《洛杉矶时报》、《好莱坞记者报》和《基督教科学箴言报》(Christian Science Monitor)等出版物援引为法律问题专家。John还是西南法学院的Irwin R. Buchalter法学教授和加州洛杉矶的Biederman娱乐和媒体法律研究所的教授。



Karen Vallejo, MA

Karen Vallejo is originally from the state of Illinois.  A teacher since 1986, she started teaching English as a Second Language at UCI in 1995.  She has taught a variety of levels and skills in the Business English and Custom Designed programs at UCI DCE.  She has also taught ESL at Brigham Young University and Provo Community School in Utah, and Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, California.  She co-authored the text currently used in the fundamental level of the grammar and writing classes at UCI. She has been honored with the Distinguished Instructor award at UCI DCE.

Karen Vallejo来自伊利诺伊州。她从1986年开始教书,1995年开始在加州大学欧文分校教授ESL。她在加州大学欧文分校继续教育学院教授各种层次的商务英语和定制课程。她还在杨百翰大学(Brigham Young University)、犹他州普罗沃社区学校(Provo Community School)和加利福尼亚州米慎维埃(Mission Viejo)的马鞍山社区学院(Saddleback Community College)教授英语。加州大学欧文分校基础水平的语法和写作班在使用她参与合著的课本。她获得了加州大学欧文分校继续教育学院杰出讲师奖。