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The Closing Ceremony of Tianjin Forum 2017
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The Closing Ceremony of Tianjin Forum 2017 was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Tianjin) on July 8th. The theme of the forum was Innovation and Cooperation: Urban Development and Regional Governance in the Era of Globalization. The meeting focused on the impact of international and domestic regionalization on urban development and governance in the age of globalization. With innovation and sharing as starting points, the event aimed at promoting the interdisciplinary research on urban development and management. During the conference, more than 180 politicians, people in business, and members of academic circles from 14 countries, including China, South Korea, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain attended the forum. During the different sub-forums and roundtables, the participants discussed nearly 20 key issues, including International Metropolis’ Challenges and Confrontation, Discussion on City Transition, Urban Development Policy Selection in the Coordinative Development, Energy and Industry in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Urban Governance with Multi-participation, and Northeast Asia’s Regional Security and Business Cooperation. The topics provided an excellent reference for the whole world and helped the development of the policy-making process of global urban development and regional governance. During the closing ceremony, the President of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies Mr. Park In-kook and Nankai University’s Vice President and Vice Director of the Organizing Committee of the Forum Zhu Guanglei delivered summary reports. The conference was hosted by the Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Forum Wu Zhicheng. Tianjin Forum is a series of international academic forums co-sponsored by Nankai University and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. Beijing Forum, Shanghai Forum, and Tianjin Forum are high-end platforms for educational exchanges named after three important Chinese cities. Thanks to the important position of Tianjin in China and Asia, Nankai University’s multi-disciplinary advantages and process of internationalization, and the support of Tianjin Municipal Government and other related departments, famous scholars, politicians, and people in business were invited to the Forum. The event was committed to facilitating the research on Northeast Asia and the integration of researchers in China and Northeast Asian regions. The Forum has been highly appreciated by all the participants. Reported by Hao Jingqiu Photo by Ren Yonghua Translated by Shi Yuchen Proofread by Ada Yan and Letizia Vallini
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