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Guide for Registration of Nankai University
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With the documents issued by Nankai University, the student should apply for a student visa (long term or short term) to enter China.

 Long-term study visa is generally issued for a student planning to study for over one years. Long-term study visa is valid for 30 days after entrance of China. Before the visa expires, the holder must apply for a Residence Permit, which is valid for multiple entries.

Short-term study visa is generally issued for a student who is going to study for less than one year. Usually the visa is valid for one time of entrance.

It is important to pay special attention to the expiration date of the visa. Staying with an expired visa is a violation of law. The violator should be fined (500 RMB Yuan per day), be detained for investigation, and/or be deported.


   Degree programs (undergraduate and graduate) do not accept students holding travailing certificates for Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan residents to register.

Non-degree program (Chinese language, exchange, and visiting) students from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan should use the designated travailing certificates issued by the entrance-exit authority of China for entering mainland of China.

2Physical Examination

For students planning to study for over one years, a physical examination is required to apply for Long-term study visa or residence permit. Please take the physical examination in a local hospital and ask the doctor to fill up the Foreigner Physical

Examination form, which is sent together with Admission Notice and other documents, for the visa application. It is suggested to bring the original medical report to Beijing for possible use. If you need to apply for a residence permit in Tianjin, the report must be verified at the Tianjin International Travel Health Care Center.


If you land at Beijing Airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus to Tianhuan Terminal Station of Tianjin , which will cost you 80CNY; And then take a taxi to Mingzhuyuan Hotel in Nankai University, which will cost about 20-25CNY;

If you land at Tianjin Airport, you can take a taxi to Mingzhuyuan Hotel in Nankai University, which will cost about 80CNY.For a student who comes to Tianjin for the first time, it recommended to take a taxi from the Tianjin Capital International Airport. The taxis are available in a designated zone indicated by the signs in the airport.

To guarantee your safety and rights, please take legally approved taxi which has a uniform coating and avoid the “black taxi”, which might overcharge you illegally.

NOTE: the Beijing Airport shuttle bus leaves every 30 minutes between 7:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m.

4、4、On-campus Dormitory Booking and Check-in

Students need to bring the Admission Notice, passport in the designated time to check-in. The reception is on the first floor of Yiyuan Building 4, 24 hours in service. Please keep the Registration Form of Temporary Residence, the receipt and the deposit slip carefully for future use.

Price of the rooms:

If you stay for more than 90 days, Jingyuan :65 RMB per day per person; Yiyuan  Building 2/4 :60 RMB per day per person, you are requested to pay it off one time, and if you need to renew,you can pay it monthly.

If you stay for more than a month,less than 90 days,Jingyuan: 75 RMB per day per person; Yiyuan Building 2/4: 65 RMB per day per person.

If you stay less than a month, Jingyuan:218 RMB per room; Yiyuan Building 2:208 RMB per room; Yiyuan Building 4: 180 RMB per room.

5Off-Campus Accommodation

A student who lives off campus should go to the local police station with the passport and the landlord to make an accommodation registration within 24 hours after moving in (or moving into a new place) and get Registration Form of Temporary Residence. When extending or changing the visa/residence permit, or re-entering China, the registration need to be renewed in the local police every time.


Place: International Students Office, Floor 2, Aida Building..

Date: The date indicated on the Admission Notice.

Time: 8:30-11:30, 14:00-17:00


1. Ordinary passport and a photocopy of the photo page

2. Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China(JW202 Form/JW201Form).

3. 8 passport-style photos (colored, 33mm width, 48mm height, white background, formal dressed)

4. Long-term study visa holder need to provide Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the original blood test report.

Fee Payment:

Self-Support Students should pay the tuition fee at Registration Center (Students Activities’ Center Room111) before registration. RMB cash or bank card are accepted.

7Residence Permit Application

Long-term study visa is valid for 30 days after entrance of China. Students holding Long-term study visa have to apply for residence permits at least 5 working days in advance of the expiration date. The steps of the application are as follows:

1. Register in the International Students Office and pay for the tuition.

2. Verify the physical examination report in the Tianjin International Travel Health Care Center. If the report is not qualified, re-take the physical examination, which takes around 5 working days.

3. Get the residence permit applications lip from the International Students Office.

4. Submit the application at the designated visa agency of the immigration authority.


1. Do pay attention to the expiration date of the visa.Make sure that, at the registration, there are at

Least 15 working days left for the validity of the visa.The university may refuse the student whose visa is already expired or only has validity time less than 5 working days. The student is fully responsible for all the consequences.

2. If you decide to give up the admission, DO NOT use the admission files to apply for a visa to enter China, which will cause illegal entrance and illegal stay in China. The information of in-registered students will be reported to the immigration for further inspection.

3. The driving license issued by other countries are not acknowledged by the Chinese government, so who wants to drive automobiles in China has to apply for a Chinese driving license. It is a crime to drive automobiles in drunkenness in China. In the campus, driving or parking motorcycles is forbidden.

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