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President Gong met the President of the Korean Incheon National University
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July 7th, President Gong Ke met the President of the Korean Incheon National University and Nankai University’s Guest Professor Cho Dong-Sung and discussed academic cooperation. Prof. Cho visited Tianjin to take part in the Tianjin Forum 2017. President Gong welcomed President Cho and introduced Nankai University’s education, disciplines, and the development of the new campus. He stressed that, in recent years, Nankai University used its educational advantages to carry out many research program in Northeast Asia. Prof. Cho introduced the development of Incheon National University’s new campus in the town of Matsushima and explained how the university is attracting important international partners. He mainly focused on the several high-end forums organized by Incheon National University and invited Nankai University to participate in the activities. He stressed that Nankai University is an important partner of Incheon National University, and sincerely hoped that the two sides could further promote exchanges and cooperation. Incheon National University was founded in 1979 and became a public university in 2009. The school is specialized in international trade and logistics, Northeast Asia Research, China studies, information communication, life engineering, nanotechnology, and other areas. Nankai University and Incheon National University started cooperating in 2009 when the two partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding. and closely collaborate in the fields of professor and student exchanges. The staff of Nankai University’s Office for International Academic Exchanges attended the meeting. Reported by Wu Junhui Translated by Letizia Vallini
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