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“The 3rd Sunshine Tour for Cross-strait Students” Program at Nankai University
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From July 3rd to 9th, sponsored by Ministry of Education of the PRC and Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC, “the 3rd Sunshine Tour for Cross-strait Students” was held at Nankai University. More than 20 students and teachers from Taiwan Tsinghua University, Taiwan Chengchi University, Taiwan Normal University and Nankai University participated in the program. With a focus on the history and culture of China, “the 3rd Sunshine Tour for Cross-strait Students” made efforts for the friendship between youths of Taiwan and Tianjin, the cultivation of their creativity and practical abilities and cultural and educational exchanges across the straits. During the one-week program, three major sections including “A Tour in Nankai University” “Close to Tianjin”“An Overview of Chinese Civilization” were presented to the participants through lectures and field visits. Nankai University has attached great importance to the cross-strait exchanges. Since 2015, “the Sunshine Tour for Cross-strait Students” program has been successfully held for 3 consecutive years and has attracted more than 30 students and teachers from five Taiwan universities. The program has committed to establishing an effective platform for students between Nankai University and Taiwan partnership universities in order to promote understanding between young people across the strait and contribute to the peaceful reunification of China.
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