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Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School President Gong Ke’s Speech on the Graduation Ceremony
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Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School President Gong Ke’s Speech on the Graduation Ceremony 2017.07.13 Respected Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principle of University of Glasgow, Respected Mr. Roper, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Beijing Dear colleagues and staff from the Joint Graduate School Nankai University—University of Glasgow Dear graduates, Ladies and gentlemen, This is the first graduation ceremony of the joint graduate school of Nankai University and University of Glasgow. At this historical moment, please allow me, on behalf of Nankai University, to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you gathered here and all those who could not come to the event for your valuable contributions to the joint graduate school, to the successful study of the first student class of the joint graduate school. In 2012, Nankai University and University of Glasgow had planted a “tree” jointly — the Joint Graduate School of Nankai University and University of Glasgow. As cited by Prof. Anderson in her speech, “thousand miles marsh is made by every single step”. However, the first step is the most important and difficult. Further on after several rounds of negotiation and coordination, the joint graduate school was approved by the Ministry of Education of China at the end of 2014. Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School is not only the first cooperative educational institution of our two universities but also the very first one at the graduate education level launched by UK Universities in China. This joint “tree” does set a milestone in China’s globalization in graduate education. In retrospect, the two universities had made joint endeavors so as to achieve today's gratifying results. In the initial stage, the joint graduate school started with three programs—International Relations, Regional Economics and Environmental Management and Economics. Now it has expanded to cover English language and literature, and some other master programs of engineering and sciences that are being considered and in planning. Just in today’s morning, we have signed a new agreement of recruiting international students to joint graduate school. With the expansion and development of the joint graduate school, its features become more distinctive. I firmly believe that despite the hardship and heavy workload, difficulties and setbacks in the process, we did have made our first harvest here. The joint “tree” is becoming fruitful. Now, I would like to give sincere thanks to the 29 graduates, who participated, assisted and promoted the development of the joint graduate school. Your engagements are of great importance to the establishment and progress of the program, and your contribution will be recorded as a pride of this joint graduate school and in the history of our two universities. Dear graduates, when you are about to leave Nankai for a new stage of life, I recalled a song titled ‘Graduation’, which was very popular around 20 year ago. There’s one sentence very impressive to me: "I keep, I keep thinking that it’s not goodbye Keep on thinking it’s a time to fly" Yes, all of us, the teachers and students, alumni, wish you fly higher and further. Again and again, we have talked about our Nankai motto “允公允能、日新月异”. At this moment, let us think our motto once more about its three key words: Responsibility, Capability and Creativity. First, Responsibility. As Nankaiers, we do understand that as an individual, the value of our lives is measured by our contributions to the family, to the friends, to the society, to the country’s development, to the world peace and to the sustainable development of the human being on the earth, our common but only planet. Second, Capability. As Nankaiers, we should be capable to shoulder our social responsibilities by effective actions, so that we need strong capability of learning. The graduation of one learning program is by no means of the stop of our study. Study is a non-end process for life-long learners such as our Nankaiers. Additional to learning, we have to be able to work in team, to persist in and overcome difficulties. Third, Creativity. As Nankaiers, you are going to face many hard challenges, which are never met by elder generations, especially the challenges of globalization, and the challenges of sustainable developments. You have to work creatively to find innovative way to solve these difficult problems. And, in this course, make value of your life. Dear graduates, though we are going to say ‘goodbye’, but please "keep thinking that it’s time to fly", from Nankai, fly to higher sky!
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