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With the ever-increasing internationalization of Nankai University, there has been an accompanying increase in international teaching methods for the cultivation and encourage students in integrating into international environments. Nankai University has launched cooperation initiatives at all levels of international exchanges, has fully implemented Nankai’s “Students Worldwide Flow" project, and ultimately expanded its academic horizons.

Nankai University offers to students a number of opportunities to study abroad, such as its “Hundred People Program”, “Joint Cultivation” program, “N+N Program”,government or organizational scholarships, inter-school or inter-department exchanges, and overseas summer/winter camps.

N+N Program”:Nankai University has established a cooperative 3+2 program with Temple University in United States, a cooperative 1+1 program with University of Glasgow, a cooperative 2+2 program with the University of Edinburgh, with the University of Utah a cooperative 3+2 program, and with University of Alberta a cooperative 3+1+1 project.

Scholarship Program: the existing national CSC “Distinguished International Students Scholarship Program” and Canada’s Mitacs project, interchangeable government scholarship programs; the Sumitomo Scholarship, the Okazaki Kaheita International Scholarship, the Harvard-Yenching project, Europe and Asia Pacific Union scholarship.Among these the “Distinguished International Students” program has thus far provided for more than 100 students to attend overseas universities and colleges for a period of one semester or one year of school exchange.

Nankai University has exchange partnerships with universities such as: University of Oxford UK, University of Cambridge UK, University of California Berkeley US, and University of California at Los Angeles US, Ritsumeikan University in Japan, National University in Taiwan, where are participating more than 700 students.

Nankai University and overseas exchange activities have different kinds of projects, including the overseas interschool exchange project, summer and winter camp, etc. At the end of the interchange the credits accrued will be counted as part of the major classes for graduation.

In addition, after participate in the overseas summer or winter camp project, students can use the credits to apply for studying abroad in the future.

Nankai University and international exchange activities are actively increasing, the designate number of students has been growing steadily year after year, from 2008, 152 million people, 2009, 376 million people, and in 2010, 438 million people, 2011, 524 million people, 2012, 742 million people, in the year 2013, 772 million until 2014, 810 million people.

Nankai University will continue developing upon its strengths and making use of its existing cooperative resources for the students, and supplying new opportunities around the world for studying abroad, with the objective to increase by 5 per cent the undergraduate students who have more than six months overseas learning experience.

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