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Mysterious night on Halloween Day
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October 31 was the annual Halloween Day. At this mysterious night, students and teachers of YICA  proceeded to the Aida Hall to participate in  a Halloween Party organized by the YICA (Nankai Youth International Exchange Association).

Just stepped into the hall, you can saw lots of interesting things such as the cloaked wizards and witches , miss pumpkinsMr. skull and other decorations, creating a kind of thick festive atmosphere.    

The girls came from Germany and Italy dressed in elegant embroidered shoes has become the focus. The teacher couple studded with flowers on the heads also appeared in the ball. This was a fantastic costumes night since people forgot everything and enjoy themselves.

 The opening show was a hot dance. After that was the interaction, which help the atmosphere get stronger. Then the members of YICA performed the Dance of Jiangnan style ", making the atmosphere reach the top. Finally, the rabbit dance music starts , people followed the rhythm of movement. The end of Halloween night came during the laughters.

 The organizer   Zhang Meng said that the purpose of this party was to strengthen the cultural exchanges and gave Foreign students the opportunity to enjoy their native festival. All the students have expressed their affection for the party.


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