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Visiting Nankai University – Experience from the Serbian Professor
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Visiting Nankai University – Experience from the Serbian Professor


Written by: Assistant Professor Katarina Zakic

Megatrend University, Belgrade, Serbia


My first visit to Nankai University was in April this year, and I was part of Megatrend University delegation visiting China. During that one day that I spent in Tianjin, I was thrilled both with the city and with University. Therefore, when I applied for the Hanban's Short Term Fellow Scholarship "Visiting China", I did not have any doubt where should I go. My choice was Nankai University, and thanks to the help of International Department and Professor Lin Runhui (who accepted to be my mentor during that time) I found the place in which I can spend two weeks of my study and research program.

Since my PhD theses was about economy and management practice in Asia Pacific region, and since most of my academic time is dedicated to doing research about Chinese economy and management practice, I was excited to go to China, and to speak with my Chinese colleagues, Chinese businessman and students. It was great opportunity to see their perspective about all this things, and to ask them all the questions that I was interested in.

I had great opportunity to work with Professor Lin Runhui, Yuan Qinghong and Liu Jun-zhen,  EMBA from Nankai University and successful businessman Zhang David, PhD students Li Ya, Adedigba Woyin and  Wang Chun-yan who all helped me to learn a lot. Of course the data base that Nankai University has, was of great help for my future academic research.

Also I was impressed not only with Business School and Nankai University, but also with the way that International Office is working, and the way that the whole campus is functioning.

It was really exciting to see military training, watch sports day and practicing tai chi, going to the Tianjin city with Chinese students (Lucy and Mina), and experience firsthand Chinese culture and especially food.

   At the end I want to express my great thanks to Hanban and to Miss Huang Mei who helped me applying for the scholarship, Mr. Sun Xinquan from the Chinese Emabassy in Belgrade who also helped for applying, Prof. Lin for excepting to become my mentor and to the lovely ladies from the International Office Department at Nankai University with whom I spent most of my days in their offices, preparing for my lectures to Chinese students, and doing my research!

It was really beautiful experience, and I do hope that I will visit Nankai once again in the next period of time, and that Nankai University and Megatrend University will establish long term and prosperous academic relationship. 


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