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Belt and Road Initiative Cross-culture Dialogue
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Many national and international guests gathered at the National Museum of China to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative Cross-culture Dialogue on July 5th. The former Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi, the President of the French Constitutional Council and former Prime Minister of France Laurent Fabius, and the Chinese painter and calligrapher, a Chinese Studies expert, poet and Nankai University’s Professor Emeritus Master Fan Zeng were the main guests of the event. The dialogue was sponsored by Nankai University and hosted by President Gong Ke. Several members of cultural and art circles also attended the discussion, including the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yang Zhenning, the Director of the National Museum of China Lv Zhangshen, the Dean of the Chinese National Academy of Arts and Director of China’s Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage Lian Ji, the Minister of Education Du Yubo, the Former Dean and present Chancellor of the Chinese National Academy of Arts Wang Wenzhang, the Founder of Euro-China Forum and Visiting Professor of Nankai University David Gosset, the Senior Consultant of the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation Luigi Parlatore, and the Vice Counsellor of SCAC-IFC Fabrice Rousseau. After the dialogue, Prof. Yang Zhenning commented, “We are expecting a bright future for the human beings. Thanks to the fast development of Science and Technology, I am optimistic about the human life in the 21st century.” Reported by Ma Chao Photograph by Ren Yonghua Translated by Shi Yuchen Proofread by Ada Yan and Letizia Vallini
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